How Dogs Help With Home Security

Have you ever seen a ‘beware of dog’ yellow and black warning sign posted near someone’s front door or on their front gate/fence? They want you to know they aren’t playin’ around when it comes to security on their premises. Now you might not know they have a cute little Pomerian or a vicious black Pitbull, but either way when you see that sign you think twice about approaching the place, right?

Dogs help home security in several ways.

If you’ve ever been around a dog in a house when someone walks by, bikes by or even drives by, you know they will go up to the front window and bark like crazy. And if they’re outside and chained? They’ll pull that chain trying to bark and get to anyone they see as an “intruder” on their property. In essence, dogs are great perimeter defenders. They have an extremely keen sense of smell. They can hear things we can’t hear. And they seem to always be on the lookout for something out of the ordinary, whether it’s a bird or a burglar in their territory.

Dogs bark, often loudly and annoyingly, and that’s a good thing. Their bark (and bite) can scare away intruders. Their barking also alerts you or neighbors to know that “something’s up.” Think of dogs as nature’s attention-drawing “alarms.”

Dogs are not only loyal to their owners, but also great companions that give people peace of mind. Think about it: would you rather have your grandma living along with no dog or with a dog? That dog could save her life (in more ways than one).

Well, dogs do help with home security but they have their limits, especially if they’re on a chain or asleep. That’s why it’s smart to also use technology to keep your place safe from harm. NYCONN Security Systems can help you pick out the right kind of security system to defend your home against intruders. Please call 800-783-5004 for more information.