Are Some Home Security Systems Weak?

Are some home security systems weak? Yes, because they’re old, out-of-date and/or able to be hacked. Oftentimes, system owners don’t even realize their systems are vulnerable until they find out after it’s too late. We live in a computer-driven tech world where there are millions of signals going back and forth and we don’t even see them. Our wireless world isn’t perfect.

Some Systems Can Be Hacked

For instance, wireless alarm systems could conceivably be hacked. Wireless systems use Bluetooth or Wi-FI to connect components. Those signals can be intercepted by and then messed with by hackers. For instance, someone could cause a false alarm to get people out of a building and then rob the place. As for hard-wired systems, if someone cuts the wire, then that system is down.

Most security systems won’t be hacked or shut down. That said, if you’re the target of someone who wants to do you harm, and they know the tech specs of your security system setup, they could do damage.

Upgrading Your Home Security System

You could upgrade the security of your current system or start fresh with a newer, stronger one. Do some research to see what reviews say about the security of various security systems. Then, consider securing your network to protect it as best you can. You can do this by renaming your routers and network rather than keeping default settings, as well as by updating the password and activating firewalls. If possible, hide your network, use encryption, use two-factor authentication and update everything when prompted. You should also keep track of your camera footage and do what you can to protect outdoor wires/lines from anyone cutting them. For example, the lines could be buried underground or covered with metal conduit.

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