The Learning Center is a place that we hope our costumers can get quick answers and help in regards to their Security and Fire Alarm Systems.. It will provide tips on programming, and quick and easy answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. If you are unable to resolve your issue or get the answer that you need, please contact the office, we have a technician on call 24 hours a day for all emergency situations.

Panel Instruction & Keypad Functions

Ademco Vista 20P Instructions

Ademco Vista 128 Instructions

Napco 1008E Instructions

Touchscreen 6290w Instructions

Some of the most frequently asked questions!!

What should I do if I set my alarm off accidentally?
First, reset your alarm and then wait for the central station to call. Do not call the central station. Give the operator the correct password and that will eliminate the police or fire department from being dispatched

How do I test my system?
Make sure your system is in the “Ready” Mode. Set your system. Wait at least 60 seconds and open a perimeter zone. Let the siren ring for 20-30 seconds. Shut your alarm system off and wait for the Central Station to call. Make sure you have your password ready. If you do not get a call, please call the office.

Why does my keypad read “Not Ready”?
When your keypad reads “Not Ready” it means that you are not able to set the system because something is open. Most keypads will label the opening for you. Check your windows and doors, and make sure they are closed tightly.

My keypad says “Low Battery”. What should I do?
The average battery lasts between 3-5 years depending on the number of power failures you might have had. If your keypad reads “Low Battery” and is beeping, reset your alarm to silence the beeping. The alarm is still functioning, but the battery should be replaced soon.

How do I change my “Chime”?
The “Chime” is to let you know every time a door or window opens, if you do not want to have this function activated follow the simple instructions below:
Ademco Users:
Press your code and the #9 to turn it on and off

Napco “Magnum Alert”
Hold down 5 until it beeps

What happens if I press the “Panic Button”?
In the event of a panic situation the police will be automatically dispatched without calling the premise. Depending upon the customer’s request the alarm could be either silent or audible.

What do I have to know if I want to change my phone service to VOIP (Internet/Cable phone line)?
VOIP is not as reliable as a “land line.” If you lose power with an internet/cable line you lose your connection to the Central Station.

What do I do if I am changing to an Internet/Cable phone line?
Before the phone company leaves, test your alarm to see if the Central Station gets the signal.

Why should I have a long range radio back-up system?
If your phone lines get cut deliberately or accidentally, we would still be able to receive alarm signals via the radio transmitter. Insurance companies are starting to require it for the maximum reduction in your insurance premium.