George Selivonchik

George Selivonchik, President of NYCONN Security Systems, Inc. is well respected in his field, having been in the business personally for over 40 years since his discharge from the service and active duty in Vietnam. He prides himself as having done ALL in the business and is considered an expert in the field. His highly regarded talents and his valued approach to doing business, make him the ideal choice for those looking for that wonderful feeling of confidence and peace of mind, which installing a new security and/or fire alarm system can provide. George himself, is a serious-minded professional who can be depended on as total security consultant. He established NYCONN as a family owned and operated company dedicated to the growing security needs of the residents of New York and Connecticut who desire the very best in home or business protection. His forte is Automatic Fire Alarm Systems, and sprinkler supervision for corporate and industrial buildings, schools and municipalities. He currently is licensed in New York and Connecticut. George prides himself on being able to design a system that has the capabilities to match your requirement, needs, and budget. NYCONN’s commitment is to personally knowing their customers and that commitment has been maintained throughout their years in operation.

Vice President

Brett Selivonchik,

Brett Selivonchik, Vice President of NYCONN Security, Inc. and son of George, has come up the ranks in the family business, over the past 20 years , working from service technician and installer to now managing the full staff of the installation and service department. He also is personally licensed in New York and Connecticut, and maintains the same high standards in the company that George established. He supervises and maintains his technicians’ installations,and mandates that all installations meet the specified codes of the county and state. His expertise is in Audio and Video Surveillance and while this Hi-Tech industry is constantly changing, he meets the requirements by attending and completing training courses sponsored by the National Training School and co-sponsored by the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association. He has earned numerous certificates and diplomas in courses related to the field and has attended seminars to learn and incorporate the newest designs and technologies. His dedication and his personal commitment to his customers has been recognized by them with their continued referrals of new customers.

Master Technician

Matthew Delmonico

Matthew Delmonico, Master Technician and Son-in-Law to George has actively learned the technologies of the business by attending seminars and classes that are needed to maintain the same high standards that NYCONN has achieved. He has his Bachelors of Arts Degree in Business Administration from Western New England University, which has given him business skills that he incorporates daily in the business. He supervises and maintains installations,and mandates that all work performed meets specified codes of the county and state. He is well trained in Audio and Video Surveillance and continues his education by completing training courses sponsored by the National Training School and co-sponsored by the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association. His dedication and commitment to the customer is welcomed and appreciated.