Here’s When Companies Should Invest in Video Surveillance

shoplifting - a woman steals a bottle of wine in a supermarket

NYCONN Security Systems (800-783-5004) advises businesses and companies to invest in video surveillance. Having video records of what goes on all day and all night “at work” can prove to be invaluable in many ways.

What are some reasons a company should invest in video surveillance?

When You Want to Easily Resolve Disputes

If there’s harassment and/or violence happening on the premises, cameras can catch what’s being said and done– and this helps resolve disputes. Also, if people know they’re being recorded they tend to avoid doing things that would get them in trouble, so it makes the workplace safer and more comfortable for all involved.

When You Want a Deterrent

Of course companies like knowing whether or not any stealing is going on… and cameras discourage criminal activity including theft and vandalism. If someone is going to steal something, they’ll do it somewhere without cameras where they can’t easily “get caught” or “be seen,” right?

When You Want to Keep Tabs on the Day-to-Day Happenings

If you have a company that has several locations or a large campus, having multiple cameras can really help check in with different parts of the company. Cameras can show what employees are doing (working versus goofing off) as well as how the inventory looks, etc. If you have areas with restricted access, such as safes where valuables are stored, video surveillance can be used to monitor and secure those particular areas.

When You Want to Protect Against False Claims

Want to prevent false or fraudulent liability claims against your company and/or customers? Cameras capture what truly happens… and many insurance companies offer reduced insurance rates to businesses with video surveillance systems. 

When You Want Customers to Feel Safe

Finally, customers feel safer when they know cameras are in place– it tells them the company values safety and security for all. Companies can also watch customers and see how they move about the floor– what attracts them? What areas do they avoid? Having a record of how customers utilize space can help with marketing efforts and customer retention. For instance, if every customer is seen taking a free soda from the free soda bar, it can be surmised that the free soda bar is a hit– a good thing the company should keep. 

We live in a world where cameras are everywhere. Shouldn’t they be in your business? Call NYCONN Security Systems at 800-783-5004 to discuss your video surveillance needs.