Does Your Building Need Structured Wiring?

Structured Wiring in an Industrial BuildingThink of your building like a body with a brain and nerves that connect the rest of the body with that brain. You want your building to have good communication and operating systems, right? Then it’s important to have good wiring! Wires are like the nerves of the building. Should your building have structured wiring? Yes.

With structured wiring, your building has bundles of wires that connect different areas of the building– think of it like glue holding together phones, computers, etc. Rather than having a mess of wires, they have a clear structure.

There are several components to structured wiring, including an entrance facility, equipment room, work area, telecom closet, and both horizontal and backbone cabling. If you’re wondering about the cabling terms, horizontal cabling includes wires between a telecom outlet and the horizontal cross-connect in the closet. It runs horizontally above ceilings or below floors. As for backbone cabling, that’s the connection between telecom closets/rooms, equipment rooms, entrance facilities and/or access provider spaces. Structured wiring is both elaborate and efficient.

How is structured wiring used in a building? Well, it allows a building to be wired without creating messy cable tangles. It’s used to run cables to and from hardware that needs to be connected to other things. If you want to make things easier to manage and you have to support increasing amounts of data being sent using wires, then structured wiring is a smart choice for your building.

Why do businesses and organizations like using structured wiring systems? They’re not only organized, but also can support high bandwidth, allowing for upgrades with telecom systems without a major overhaul. Allowing fairly easy access, structured wiring can be changed, moved and/or added onto without too much hassle.

Are you looking for a cost-effective, efficient wiring system? Choose structured wiring! Call NYCONN Security Systems at 800-783-5004 for more info or use the online contact page, here.

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