Common Patterns Among Home Burglaries

burglar at a residential windowWhat are some common themes among home burglaries? You’ll discover some interesting information in this article!

Common Burglary Themes to Be Aware Of 

Most burglars break into homes through unlocked doors or windows. It’s not unusual for them to kick doors open. Kicking a door open isn’t as loud as breaking window glass, and burglars also don’t want to risk getting cut by breaking glass.

Once inside, what do burglars look for the most? They want cash, as well as credit cards, electronics and jewelry. They also look for collectibles and guns. If people have certain stickers on their vehicles, such as “NRA member,” that can give burglars clues as to what’s inside the house, such as “lots of guns to steal.”

Generally, most burglars will head for the master bedroom to look for valuables first, and then, if there’s time, the rest of the house– all over– gets checked for things of value. They work fast, so a house can literally look “ransacked” in a couple minutes.

Now you would think burglars like to break-in under cover of darkness at night, and that’s true, but here’s something interesting to consider: the most popular time for break-ins would be early morning/afternoon when people are away at school or work.

If you have a guard dog and it’s big and loud, that deters burglars. If you have signs posted that you have security, that may or may not deter them.

Finally, if a burglar breaks into a house and a security alarm goes off with a loud sound, that’s their cue to get out quickly. Burglars do not like it when alarms go off!

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