A Guide to Securing Your Business

A potential shoplifter in hoodie looking at cell phones

Do you own or run a business in/near Bedford Hills, New York or New Milford, Connecticut? If so, safety and security should be a concern. Here’s a quick guide to business security…

Security Risks for Businesses

What are the risks businesses face when it comes to security issues? There are several, including the number one concern: theft. In these increasingly violent and desperate times, especially with inflation causing prices to skyrocket, more and more people are stealing things from businesses. In fact, large groups of teens are going into stores, smashing and grabbing stuff, and facing little or no consequences, so there’s a culture of theft. Obviously, if you have items (and people) you want to protect, then you’re going to do what you can to prevent thefts.

Besides thieves, what else do businesses have to worry about these days? Carbon monoxide poisoning, fires and flooding are big risks. Recently in suburban Buffalo, NY, over 100 people had to go to the hospital when there was a carbon monoxide issue at an indoor skating rink. Apparently the carbon monoxide detectors weren’t functioning as intended. As for fire damage, you know how brutally devastating a fire can be to a business. With just one little fire, a whole lifetime of work and sweat equity could be ruined. The same goes for flooding in a building. What good are products that are all wet (and eventually moldy)? They’re no good! 

Basically, you want to be alerted if something bad is happening at your business. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in security measures like secure locks, access control systems, video cameras, fire alarms, sprinkler systems, fire detectors, flood sensors, carbon monoxide detectors and general security alarm systems, too. 

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