The Benefits of an Automatic Water Shut Off Valve System

Automatic Water Shut Off Valve System

Few things are more frightening to homeowners and business owners than the thought of a water leak causing a flood. Even if it doesn’t flood, it could lead to an obscene water bill or something even worse, such as causing pipes to freeze. Perhaps the scariest part of it all is the unknown—beyond seeing an increase in your water bill or finding water in random places how are you supposed to know you have a leak?

Fortunately, there is a system out there that provides homeowners and business owners with an easy proactive, solution: it’s called the WaterCop Automatic Water Shut-Off Valve System. This system has a shut-off valve attached to the water supply line, and when the sensors within the system notice a leak, it automatically sends a message to the shut-off valve turn off the water.

Why You Should Consider a WaterCop Automatic Shut-Off Valve Systems  

  • It provides flood protection
  • It works for you 24-hours a day
  • It protects your property, which may reduce homeowners or business insurance rates
  • It prevents you from having a huge water bill due to an unknown leak
  • It prevents water from being wasted
  • It can be wired in to work seamlessly with your home automation systems

Perhaps above all else, it helps you sleep better at night, knowing that your home or business is protected in the unfortunate event that your system has a leak, and you won’t suffer a plumbing catastrophe to your property as a result.

In the Westchester, NY area, NYCONN Security Systems provides environmental security services in the form of automatic shut-off valve systems to home and business owners. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of having one installed on your property, contact us today.