Why Burglars May Be Targeting Your Home

Think like a burglar. What would attract a burglar to your house? They’d want easy access and a lack of security stuff like cameras or locks, right? They’d also look for indications you’re not home because they’d rather not deal with people when stealing stuff.

Burglar Using Crowbar To Break Into House

What Attracts Burglars too Certain Homes?

If you have a house in the winter with lots of snow and no footprints in the snow or an unplowed driveway, that’s a giveaway that no one’s home. Also, if you have no lights on at any time, that’s another indication that “no one’s living there right now.” Meanwhile, if you post vacation pics on social media showing you’re at the beach in Florida then would-be burglars have an idea that your house in New York or Connecticut is “ripe for the pickins.”

If you’ve got vulnerable locks on doors/windows, burglars like that. They don’t really want to break glass or door frames to enter a house. If a lock can be loosened or bypassed, that’s ideal! They also like to get into homes via garage doors or pet doors.  

Burglars also like to work under the cover of darkness. So, it’s most likely a robbery would occur at night when it’s dark outside. They prefer homes without security sensors, cameras, equipment, etc. 

Once inside a house, burglars are going to seek out jewelry, medication, electronics and cash. So, hide that stuff in unexpected places in your home if possible. 

To avoid being burgled, lock your doors and don’t leave first-floor windows open overnight or when you’re not at home. Don’t let mail pile up or your driveway go unplowed. Wait until you’re home from vacation to post pictures and videos. Hide your valuables. Leave evidence outside that there’s a dog in the house because burglars don’t like dogs. Their bark can sometimes scare burglars away. 

Finally, consider a professional security system to deter would-be burglars. Call NYCONN Security Systems at 800-783-5004 for more info.