Things You May Not Know About a Home Security System

Home Security SystemsMost people don’t know much about home security systems. They only take the time to learn about them if/when their house is broken into, and they decide, “Okay, I need a security system in place so this doesn’t happen again.”

Do most homes have security systems? It depends on the neighborhood. You can usually tell if a neighborhood is “rich” if you see lots of signs in the yard telling everyone, “This house is protected by such-and-such security…” 

Insurance Savings

Did you know that many home insurance companies offer a discount if the homeowner has a security system? Insurance companies have an active interest in the homes they’re dealing with– they’d rather see less damage done to a property so they don’t have to do payouts. Homes with security systems are usually able to be monitored 24-hours a day. These days, the homeowner can use his or her phone to livestream what the security cameras in place see in real time– so any potential threat/criminal can be dealt with swiftly, preventing crimes and damages. This active monitoring feature can be helpful if a homeowner wants to check on a child, elderly parent or pet who is home alone.

Improved Motion Sensors

Modern motion sensors aren’t triggered by most pets. That’s because they are able to detect how large a moving object is, and most sensors can be programmed to “go off” only if the object in question weighs more than, say, 60 or 80 pounds. 

Emergency Aid

Meanwhile, today’s home security systems typically offer fire, carbon monoxide and floor monitoring. They can also come with a wearable pendant option for a Senior who might need health monitoring– they can use the pendant to call for emergency aid.

Strong ROI

If you have a hard-wired security system in your home and you go to sell the home, having that system in place helps raise the value of the home. It’s a valuable (and welcomed) amenity. 

Affordable While Providing Peace of Mind

Finally, most people assume home security systems are “too expensive” and “out of my price range.” That’s not true– most are an affordable addition to your monthly budget that will provide you with peace of mind. Having one is a sound investment, especially in the times we’re living in.

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