Things to Consider Before Investing in a Commercial Fire Alarm System  

a commercial smoke detector is on a floor planThinking of investing in a commercial fire alarm system for your commercial building in New York or Connecticut? What are some things to think about before you buy one?

Building Type

For starters, consider the type of building where you’d use the commercial fire alarm system. Is it a high-rise? What’s the building used for? Who or what occupies the building? Do you know about local fire codes for the particular building? All of these questions help determine the design of an appropriate system.


Next, what’s your budget for the commercial fire alarm system? Keep in mind, costs are generally fixed for this sort of purchase. That said, you can shop around and figure out what would work best– for the right price. See how much installation costs, and whether or not you have to acquire any permits for equipment/labor. Also, factor in whether or not you’d be paying for a 24/7 professional live alarm monitoring service.


Thirdly, what’s your timeline for installing a new fire alarm system? Do you have a strict deadline? When you’re figuring out what to buy, you have to also find out if it’s in stock and can be delivered/installed in a timely manner that meets your needs.  


Finally, do you have diagrams or architectural drawings of your building? If so, those can be helpful to the installer and the installation process.

NYCONN Security Systems of New York and Connecticut sells fire detection and fire alarm solutions for commercial buildings. NYCONN Security Systems is also able to install and maintain systems from trusted brand names like Fire-Lite Alarms, Honeywell, Silent Knight and System Sensor, among others.

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