The Advantages of Having a Modern Security System

Home Security Systems Security systems have evolved with the times. If you have an older security system from many decades ago, you might be missing out on some very helpful technological advancements found in newer systems sold by companies like us, NYCONN Security Systems.

Did you know that in addition to protecting homes and businesses from burglaries, modern systems can offer more options– such as detecting fires and the presence of carbon monoxide?

All Day, Every Day

The great thing about today’s systems is they can be monitored 24-hours a day. When someone is watching and problems occur, not only can an alarm sound, but that watchful person can alert the police, fire department and/or ambulance company to rush there and offer aid. Even if you’re not physically “there,” their watchful eye can remedy problems for you. Many people who own multiple homes love the fact that they have professional help in keeping track of what’s going on at their various places– even when they’re away on business trips.

More Levels and Backup

Meanwhile, today’s modern security systems offer door and window sensors, sounders, motion detectors, signs and even glass-break detectors. And if a thief were to cut a phone line or bad weather causes a power outage, today’s systems have cellular/battery backups.

Temperature Control

Besides fire and carbon monoxide detection, modern security systems can monitor temperatures in rooms. Say you’re in Florida for the winter, and you left your Upstate New York home behind. The temperature outside in NY is 10 degrees. For whatever reason your heating system fails and the inside of your house drops to 30 degrees– below freezing. Wouldn’t it be nice to know this so you could figure out what to do to prevent pipes from bursting and flooding the house? Yes. By the way, security systems today can even utilize sensors to detect rising water in your home.

Latest Technologies

Other nice features of modern security systems include video intercoms (replacing the traditional peephole), wireless keychain remote controls, smartphone apps to help you monitor things at the home or office when you’re not there, etc.

Discover what’s available today– find out more about modern security systems by calling NYCONN at 800-783-5004 or emailing We have offices in Bedford Hills, NY and New Milford, CT.

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