Home Security Myths to Ignore

Security System MythsYou want to keep your home secure. What are some home security myths?


Some people assume home security systems are unreliable. Maybe the older ones were, but today’s systems aren’t. In the old days someone could “cut a telephone line” or “disconnect the power supply.” Today’s systems guard against those things, oftentimes with multiple layers of security. Using things like infrared/motion detectors and trigger sensors, security systems are now more reliable than ever.

Delayed Reaction

What about the myth that there’s a delay between the time the system is “tripped” and the time the security company is notified that there’s an issue? The truth is that it takes mere seconds for notification– not minutes or hours.  


There’s the myth that having a security system makes no difference to a burglar looking for a place to rob. Actually, having a system and letting potential burglars know about it through stickers on the windows and signs in the yard does make a difference. Burglars don’t want to set off loud alarms that would draw attention to their nefarious activities. They are always going to look for homes where they think they’d never get caught– so if there’s a hint that a system is in place to catch them, they’re quickly moving on to the next house.   


Some people think having a home security system doesn’t make a difference regarding home insurance rates. Newsflash: it does– it can mean up to a 15% discount!

Pet Issues

If people are concerned that their pets will trip the system constantly, know this: customers can ask for a “pet-immune motion detector system.” Also, companies can use “glass breaks” instead of motion detectors, if requested.


Finally, there’s a myth that a home security system is too costly for the average person or family to afford. Historically, though, the cost has gone down! There’s less hardware and more software involved these days. If it has been a long time since you looked into home security, you’ll be surprised to learn how much it has changed in the past couple decades.

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