Should You Have “Smart” Home Security?

Man looking at home security cameras on tablet computer

Should you have “smart” home security? First, it’s important to define what “smart” even means these days… In general, a “smart” device is somewhat automated and can be programmed through an intuitive user interface. Increasingly, smart devices are becoming connected with one another via networks. So, for instance, you could have a smart home security system that has several components working in tandem to protect your home. These devices, such as security cameras, may use Bluetooth, LTE, Wi-Fi and/or cellular technology in order to operate.

Advantages of Smart Home Security Systems

Smart home security can be remotely controlled and monitored. For instance, you could be at work 20 miles away from home, but use your smartphone to view what’s going on in your living room at your house! More and more things are becoming “smart,” including things like lighting controls, garage door openers, air conditioner units, door locks and even kitchen appliances. Imagine using your security system in such a way that you could view the person at your front door on your phone, and then unlock the door to let them in even though you’re not physically at home– that’s the power of smart technology.

Smart home security is a good choice for someone who values technology and likes having it in their home to help protect it from unwanted invaders. People of a certain age who didn’t grow up with computers might not readily accept smart technology because they don’t understand or like it, but younger people who grew up using smartphones and living life on screens might be thrilled at the prospect of having a smart home security system.

Technology allows people to have better home protection than ever before– so if you’re someone who might like to know more about smart home security systems, please call NYCONN Security Systems at 800-783-5004. NYCONN Security Systems has offices in New Bedford Hills, NY, and New Milford, CT.