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Mistakes Burglars Hope to See With Your Home Security

burglar at a residential window

Burglars look for mistakes people make regarding home security. What are some of those mistakes? Unlocked Entry Points First, burglars look for unlocked doors or windows. You’d be surprised how many people still leave their front door unlocked! Second-floor windows should be locked, too, though many homeowners assume no one would break-in using them… perhaps… Read more »

Why Businesses Should Have a Video Surveillance System

Video surveillance system for homes

In the old days, some businesses had grainy surveillance systems using VHS tapes, which really didn’t help them out because you couldn’t make out the faces of robbers. Or the tape would run out just when it was needed to catch a thief. Nowadays, though, thanks to improvements in technology, video surveillance systems make a… Read more »


The arrival of cooler weather brings increased risk for carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning as people kick on natural gas and propane furnaces. Did you know that over 400 Americans die from unintentional CO poisoning and over 5,000 people are hospitalized each year? Carbon Monoxide is a deadly, colorless, odorless, poisonous gas! Our red blood cells… Read more »


Stay connected and in control of your home or business whenever you want, wherever, you are. Not long ago, this was the technology of “Back to the Future.” THE FUTURE IS HERE! Revolutionize your home or business with user friendly technology. Bring your home and/or business to life from any location. Total Connect Arm, disarm… Read more »


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