Mistakes Burglars Hope to See With Your Home Security

Burglars look for mistakes people make regarding home security. What are some of those mistakes?

Unlocked Entry Points

First, burglars look for unlocked doors or windows. You’d be surprised how many people still leave their front door unlocked! Second-floor windows should be locked, too, though many homeowners assume no one would break-in using them… perhaps they’re forgetting that burglars could bring and use ladders to make their way into a room on the second floor, especially if no one is around or watching them.

“Hidden” Keys

Next, burglars look for a “hidden” key outside, which can often be found in a hollowed out rock the homeowner bought at a local store. Besides the fake rock, people often hide keys under a flowerpot, so burglars look there, too. Ideally, it’s better to leave a house key with a trusted family member or neighbor, rather than leaving it somewhere outside where anyone or anything (such as a squirrel or bird) could get it.

Indicators That You’re Not Home

Thirdly, homeowners may make the mistake of leaving signs of an unoccupied home, such as accumulating newspapers or packages on the front porch or no lights left on for weeks on end. Ideally, find a way to have different lights on shining through different windows while you’re away.

What about homes that provide “cover” for burglars? It’s a mistake to have large bushes growing around doors and windows, since they can help provide cover for thieves who don’t want to be seen. Ideally, trim bushes and trees away from the doors and windows and install outdoor lights so you don’t have a dark and bushy exterior. Motion lights are excellent. You can also consider installing security cameras. 

“TMI” On Social Media

Finally, one of the biggest mistakes people make these days is sharing too much on social media. If you post you’re away from your house on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, showing pictures or videos of your wonderful vacation, chances are good that potential burglars will realize you’re nowhere near your house and it’s ripe for the picking! Yikes! Though it may be hard NOT to post everything about your life online, for safety’s sake it’s best to wait until you get home and then post some pics/vids, or, better yet, keep personal/travel stuff to yourself and don’t share it online for anyone to see. 

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