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The Benefits of an Automatic Water Shut Off Valve System

Automatic Water Shut Off Valve System

Few things are more frightening to homeowners and business owners than the thought of a water leak causing a flood. Even if it doesn’t flood, it could lead to an obscene water bill or something even worse, such as causing pipes to freeze. Perhaps the scariest part of it all is the unknown—beyond seeing an… Read more »

What is a Low Temperature Freeze Alert Device?

Frozen Pipes

When the weather gets cold, bad things can happen with pipes and such. Thankfully, there are devices that offer low temperature freeze alerts, helping make sure things get shut off before they burst, break, or do terrible damage. Imagine if you had a vacation home in a cold climate. You couldn’t be there every week… Read more »

Keep Your Home Protected with Environmental Monitoring

Burst Water Pipe

Most homeowners are familiar with security systems that help prevent break-ins and robberies. But did you know that there are also security systems that can protect you and your family from a variety of other dangers as well? Specifically, there are security systems offered by NYCONN Security Systems that are designed to do environmental monitoring,… Read more »