Why Parking Lots Should Have Video Surveillance Cameras in Place

You never know what could be taking place in or even underneath your parking lot… in suburban area a while ago, it was discovered that a man had a suspected meth lab underneath a Wal-mart parking lot that he’d access through the sewer grate!

Know Who is On Your Property

Video Surveillance for a Parking Lot

Surveillance video of parking lots can help determine who is/was on the property, what they’re up to, and whether or not crimes are/were being committed. Therefore, it makes sense in this day and age to have video surveillance cameras for parking lots. Cameras should be in place in order to help keep customers, clients, students, etc.– and properties– safe. 

Visual Evidence

In our increasingly crazy world, people are doing all sorts of odd things. Cameras can catch thieves and vandals in the act– and the video can be used in court to convict them of crimes. Cameras can also provide visual evidence of accidents and/or damages at/on/near a particular property. 

Parking lots are the kind of places where muggings and kidnappings could take place. Therefore, cameras can record exactly what happens in these lots, at all times, in case anyone is reported missing and/or someone gets robbed. 

Fewer Unwanted Trespassers

Want fewer trespassers on your property? Let them know you utilize security cameras! Have a parking lot where people are supposed to pay to be there? Surveillance cameras can catch those who try to park without paying. They’ll record license plate numbers, which can then aid law enforcement.

To sum up, surveillance cameras for parking lots help deter thieves and vandals. They also can help settle auto collision disputes, prevent false liability claims, and, in some cases, get you a discount/reduced rate from your insurance provider. All in all, they’re a good idea, and NYCONN can supply you with them. Call 800-783-5004 for more information about parking lot surveillance cameras.