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Why Schools Should Have Video Surveillance Systems

Why Schools Should Have Video Surveillance Systems

School Security Concept On Blackboard

We live in a world where it’s not that unusual to turn on the news and hear of “another school shooting.” It’s sad, but true. Furthermore, kids today face all sorts of challenges when going to school, whether it’s bullying, theft, or knock-down, drag-out beatings. Scary stuff, right?

Deterrent From Harm

Schools should have video surveillance systems because we live in a crime-infested, unsafe world where we need to keep kids (and faculty and staff) protected from harm as best we can, right? Most parents lack confidence in their kids’ school’s security. Locks on doors and metal detectors aren’t enough anymore.

Utilizing security cameras can help deter criminal activity on school grounds. After all, people tend not to do bad things if they know they’re being watched or recorded. And for those who do? Well, then it’s “on tape” to be shown in a court of law, whereas that criminal/offender will get their due.

Stop Minor and Major Offense

Cameras can help deter or prevent vandalism, break-ins, false fire alarms, etc. A video surveillance system can cover all areas of a school property, inside buildings (and rooms) as well as outside, watching over parking lots, sport fields, and other places people gather. Video surveillance means that an entire campus can be watched at the same time with a broad view of “what’s going on” and “where.”

Source of Security

Did you know today’s technology allows for motion-sensor technology? Say someone’s trying to break-in to the school in the middle of the night– a motion sensor notices this and the system sends a text or email to appropriate authorities.

Ideally, schools want to keep everyone safe. Therefore, a video surveillance system makes sense to help monitor people and keep a watchful eye out for bad situations.

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