Reasons to Have a Professional Install Your Fire Alarm System

If you’re thinking about getting a fire alarm system for your business, you should have it professionally installed.

Professional Opening Fire Panel In Server Room

Keep Employees and Customers Safe

Having a properly installed fire alarm system can help keep your employees and property safe. If there’s smoke in the building, or a fire, the system will alert people quickly so they know there’s a problem and they should get out of the building.

No one wants their business to start on fire. Yet many businesses aren’t even thinking about their fire alarm systems– which could be old, not working, out-of-date, or even non-existent. When you have a professional install a new fire alarm system in your building, you can expect up-to-date technology that will alert people to even the slightest amount of smoke. Timing is everything– and fire companies can be alerted quickly when a proper system is in place and in good working order. Ideally, fires can be put out long before they do major damage, which ultimately helps save a property from being totally ruined. 

Fire alarm systems of today have great features. They can close doors automatically. They can illuminate exits. And their sprinklers are “high tech,” so they’re better than previous generations of sprinklers from the old days. 

Speaking of the old days, it used to be that businesses had to physically pick up a phone and call the local fire department to tell them about a fire issue and ask them to come over– but today’s fire alarm systems are more efficient. With today’s fire alarm systems, if there’s an issue, the local fire department is automatically alerted– no need to “call them.” Even when there aren’t many or any people in the building, today’s systems work around the clock, protecting the building/property. 

Finally, a professional can install a fire alarm system that’s integrated with a security alarm system, complete with video surveillance and motion detectors. These systems can be accessed/monitored remotely.

NYCONN Security Systems can help you find the right fire alarm system (and/or security alarm system) and make sure that it’s professionally installed; please call 800-783-5004 for more information. 

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