How Security Systems Can Help Homeowners Save Money Long Term

Man looking at home security cameras on tablet computer

Do you have a home security system? It can help you save money in the long run. Most homeowners choose to get a home security system because they want to keep their property safe from burglars and vandals. A security system alerts them to anything out of the ordinary, and authorities can be called, if needed, to come and take care of the bad guys who are up to no good.

How Security Systems Impact Your Insurance Rates and Premiums

If your property has experienced multiple break-ins and robberies, then you have had to file several claims with your insurance company. This, in turn, makes your insurance premiums rise, so you have to pay more for insurance coverage than other people do. Therefore, if you have the right kind of security system in place, you won’t have to file more insurance claims, and your rates don’t have to increase. Thieves avoid homes with security systems– they don’t want to get caught, and they’ll prey on the unprotected homes before they’d deal with alarms and cops and such. 

Having a good security system in place can actually help lower insurance premiums. After all, the security system means that the home is less of a risk to the insurance company. So, if you want discounted insurance rates, tell your insurance company about your security system. It’s not unusual to receive 15 to 20% off the normal rates thanks to having a comprehensive security system in place.

Insurance companies tend to look at neighborhood crime rates to determine area rates. You can help lower your neighborhood’s “theft claim quota” by utilizing a security system. This, in turn, not only helps you, but your neighbors as well. 

Finally, security systems can help save money and offer homeowners “peace-of-mind” when they come with safety features that help reduce insurance premiums. Things like smoke alarms and deadbolts are important money-saving safety features. 

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