How a Structured Wiring System Benefits Your Home


Structured wiring refers to various types of wiring installed in a home or business for the distribution of audio, video, telephone and data signals. Structured wires are usually bundled together and can include RG-6 or RG-59 video cable, CAT-5 (or higher) network wiring, fiber optic, audio cables and other custom combinations. If you have smart home devices and wireless signals in your home, you probably have a smart TV, gaming console, laptop, tablet, and/or smartphone, and all of them are vying for network attention, using up bandwidth. Using structured wiring, then, throughout your home, can take the burden off your wireless network.

Structured Wiring Can Be Featured in All Rooms

Structured wiring can be run to every room in a home. Ideally, this is done when walls are open, during construction. Or this can be done as a retrofit. Using structured wiring allows for more devices to be connected (plugged-in) directly to a network, rather than having to rely solely on wireless signals. If you want to have a positive impact on your home’s resale value, utilize structured wiring, which is essentially like an added amenity during an era when more and more devices need to be connected to a main network.

Proper Structured Wiring Installation is Key

You’ll want to care about the quality of the wire that’s used, as well as the physical connection itself. A system is only effective if it’s installed properly.

NYCONN Security Systems has a webpage that shows a house that utilizes structured wiring.  You’ll notice that a variety of things can benefit from this sort of wiring: fire alarms, security systems, whole house audio, surveillance cameras, home theater/display, etc.

If you’d like more info about structured wiring and various items that can use it, including security systems, please contact NYCONN Security Systems of New York and Connecticut at 800-783-5004.