Does Your Business Need New Security Cameras?

Security CCTV camera or surveillance system in office building

Does your business have security cameras? If so, when were they installed? If they’re old, they’re probably outdated and/or obsolete! Just like people replace their smartphones with new ones every couple years, businesses need to make updates as well, and that includes new security cameras. What are some signs your business needs new security cameras?


First, if your current camera system isn’t easily changeable/adjustable such that you can’t get the angles or shots you want and need, then you might need new cameras that offer more options.

Remote Control Access

Next, if your alarm system doesn’t allow for remote control access, it’s time for newer technology that does allow you to control the system from near or far away. For instance, older cameras might not have access or sensors for their locks, such that they’re vulnerable. Today’s options and features have improved since the last time you bought cameras! “Smart locks” can’t be jammed and they even work when the power is out. Also, today’s technology allows for updates to software (and hardware) that make the security camera system more efficient (and, better yet, burglar proof).


Thirdly, how’s the resolution of your current camera system? Is it hard to tell what people look like in the video you see? Maybe you’ve got low resolution and you could see things better with higher resolution cameras offering sharper and clearer images.

Real Time Security

Finally, if your current cameras can’t be monitored remotely, it’s probably time to consider buying new cameras with enhanced capabilities. Ideally, you should be able to use your smartphone to see what your security cameras see, in real-time. This can help eliminate the need for full-time security officers on the premises if you have someone checking the camera views often, even from a distance.

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