Avoid These Home Security Mistakes

Are you doing the right things to avoid your house getting broken into and robbed? You might be making a couple home security mistakes and not even realize it.


Now if you’re from an older generation, you might remember the days when hardly anybody locked their doors, windows or cars, right? It’s 2022– even in rural areas it’s advised that you lock everything! People just aren’t as nice, God-fearing or trustworthy as they used to be. One open, unlocked window, whether you’re home or not, could be an open invitation for a criminal to come right in and rob you blind.

Things That Used to Work May Not So Well Anymore

What about hiding a key to your house outdoors, such as under a floor mat, in a plant or inside a fake rock? Sadly, criminals know to look for keys in these places so even though you think it’s a good idea, it’s probably not these days– criminals are just too smart. You’re better off leaving a key with a trusted neighbor and/or friend/family member who lives nearby. You might also consider installing a keyless entry system.


Do you have trees and bushes near your home and they’re unlit at night? If so, trim them down or remove them and put up some motion lights in your yard– otherwise you’re inviting criminals to get away with whatever they want to do under the dark of night.

Speaking of lights, you should leave some lights on inside your home even when you’re not present– that way it looks like someone is there, which helps deter criminals. You might also want to leave the radio or TV on, so would-be robbers hear noise coming from inside your place. If you’re gone for a while, don’t make the mistake of letting mail or newspapers pile up, showing the neighborhood “no one’s there.” Have a neighbor or friend collect deliveries for you.

Social Media Mishaps

Finally, if you do go away for a while, don’t share that you’re not at home on social media because who knows who’s reading your posts– someone could find a post of you on your island vacation, know where you live and rob your place because they know you’re not home! Wait ‘til you get home to post pics from your trip.